Who is Mozzie Patch South Africa?

We’re a 100% natural mosquito repellents-focused South African company ready to revolutionise your life. Our aim is to bring you protection against mosquitoes in a safer, more natural way. Instead of exposing yourself and your loved ones to harmful chemicals, you can use the patch we have created. 

Mosquitoes spread disease and disrupt our sleep or outdoor fun. Our patches keep mosquitoes away from your kids (and you). Instead of struggling with sprays, mists, plug-ins, coils, nets, and creams, you can now slap on one patch and get 36 hours free of mozzies! 

Meet the Revolutionary Mosquito Patch 

The Mozzie Patch product is developed and produced in South Africa using all-natural ingredients. It’s better for you than essential oils and other mosquito repellent chemicals like citronella and DEET. With only one active ingredient, Vitamin B1, you can rely on our patches for safe and effective repelling action. 

Mozzie and the Fight Against Malaria 

Malaria is a disease that is spread from person to person by mosquitoes. Hundreds of thousands of people die from Malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases each year. We’re here to help fight against the spread of disease in a natural, healthy, and easy way. 

Use the mozzie patch as part of your arsenal in defending against these pesky insects. Remember, a mosquito patch isn’t a guarantee against malaria. It is important to take other precautionary measures too, like wearing long sleeves and drinking anti-malaria medication where applicable. 

 Try our natural vitamin-based patch today!