How to use Mozzie Skin Patch

How to use
the Mosquito Patch

Have a mozzie-free night and day by using one patch every 36 hours.

Simply follow these easy 3 steps:

Peel away protective layer - mozzieskinpatch

Peel away protective layer

Apply patch to clean, dry skin - mozzieskinpatch

Apply patch to clean, dry skin
(like your arm)

Peel away protective layer - mozzieskinpatch

Enjoy 36 hours of mozzie-free life

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8 Key benefits to the Mosquito Skin Patch

Our Mosquito patches
are ideal for

  • At home at night
  • All Mosquito areas
  • Adventure sports
  • Travelling
  • Fishing
  • Safaris
  • Hikes
  • Weekend getaways
Who uses Mozzie patches?
About the mozzie skin patch

About the
Mozzie Vitamin Patch

Our aim is to give you and your family (kids too)
protection against mosquitoes, with our
vitamin-based patch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive the patches?
Postage is to anywhere in South Africa from as little R 59

Can I use it on my kids?
Yes, from 18 months or older.

Can I swim and shower with the patch on?
Yes, it is waterproof.

How long will one patch last?
It will Last 36 hours.

Is there a best before date on the product?
Yes, each sachet has a 'best before' date.

We made the headlines for good reasons only

We made the headlines...
for good reasons only...

"These patches are absolutely fantastic when camping at Augrabies Waterfall, no mosquito bites!"
- Waterfall camper

"What a simple and easy solution! I am a mozzie-magnet but these patches kept the mozzies at bay. You can even take a shower with the patch on!?"
- Mozzie-magnet

"Never did I know that Vitamin B1 can be transferred through a patch to repel mosquitoes, you learn something new everyday! It also worked wonders on my kids who are nature explorers."
- Wonders of Vitamin B1