1. Our Patches Contain No DEET or Harmful Chemicals.

DEET is a bug repellent ingredient used in many products designed to keep away mosquitoes. Although it is considered pretty effective, some also consider it a risk to use. That's because of reports of serious symptoms like seizures in children or even death. You can learn more about DEET, its effects, and why we don't use it in our patches here.
  1. 36-Hour Protection from Mosquito Bites.

Many mosquito repellents are only effective for 2 to 6 hours, but our patches last up to 36 hours! That means you can forget about aerosols that damage your lungs, DEET-drenched nets, coils, creams, and all other toxic forms of repelling insects. All it takes is one patch every day and a half, and you're set for a mosquito-free, enjoyable day and restful night. 
  1. 100% Natural Products

Mozzie Patch uses all-natural ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or any harmful chemicals. It's better for you, better for your kids, and better for the environment. You can contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet while enjoying a mosquito-free existence by using our patches! 
  1. We use 100% Vitamin-B Only to Repel Mosquitoes.

With recent breakthrough research showing that vitamin-b absorbed through the skin can keep away mosquitoes, our patches are the new best option for keeping mosquitoes away. Vitamin B1 changes the way your blood and skin smells, so that mosquitoes aren't attracted to you anymore. They won't buzz around your head or bite your skin anymore. What's more, you get all the added benefits of extra vitamin B1 in your system, for a healthier body and mind. 
  1. You Can Enjoy Having No More Mosquito Bites.

Did you know that different mosquito breeds can respond differently to some forms of mosquito repellent? There is even a mosquito that ignores how DEET changes your body's smell. Our patches don't only work where they are applied, like many creams and sprays do. You can put a patch on your arm and get potent mosquito repellent action on the whole surface of your skin!  
  1. Enjoy Life with No More Itching and Scratching.

A large percentage of people get itchy reactions on their skin when a mosquito bites. That's because after they have had their fill of your blood, they leave some spit behind. Most people's bodies react to this spit in a negative way. You can avoid the whole experience by applying our patches! Enjoy an itch-free African summer! 
  1. Get More Peaceful Sleep.

We all know the incessant buzz that wakes us from deep sleep or pesters us when we're about to nod off. Aside from their pesky buzzing, mosquitoes cause itchy spots that can keep us awake too. Put aside the stress about Malaria (link to Malaria blog) and other mosquito-borne diseases along with the buzzing and itching with just one patch every 36-hours! Now you can get the shut-eye you need. 
  1. Our Patches are 100% Child Safe!

When you're applying lemon oil to skin or air or smearing DEET onto their skin, you may be worried about the side effects. And you should be. Products containing DEET, lemon oil, eucalyptus lemon oil, citronella, and other chemicals can have negative side effects on your children. Why risk it? Rather try our 100% safe vitamin B1-fortified patches for safe, healthy protection against mosquitoes.